Environmental Doctors



We have comprehensive powers of implementation from listening to the persons in charge, conducting execution and effective management.

That’s why we are called ‘Environmental Doctors’.

An occurrence of contamination from foreign matter or bacteria, even if they are potential hazards, means the factory is suffering from a lifestyle-related disease.

Lifestyle-related diseases in factories means that there is undoubtedly contamination or the potential hazards at anytime, but nobody is conscious of it.

Is a health screening required?

We ‘Environmental Doctors’ can support you.

Step 1Client reporting

Are you overconfident regarding the health practices in your factory?

At the beginning, we check the policy, issues and problems about hygiene management of the factory.

Step 2Check the current status

By implementing a health screening by ‘Environmental Doctors’, lifestyle-related diseases may be found.

Based on need and confidentiality, ‘Environmental Doctors’ implement not only visual inspection on site but also check documents and records, and listen to the persons in charge.

Step 3Report the inspection results and suggestions

‘Environmental Doctors’ prescribe you measures to solve and prevent lifestyle-related diseases.

We extract factors of lifestyle-related diseases from the inspection results, and prescribe you measures to solve and prevent them. We then propose a schedule to keep your factory in good health.

Step 4Implementation of countermeasures

‘Environmental Doctors’ implement countermeasures based on the strength and characteristics of the company.

‘Environmental Doctors’ also carry out measures on site in accordance with the prescription.

We always evaluate the effectiveness of them on site.

Step 5Monitoring and control

‘Environmental Doctors’ monitor the health conditions of the factory at regular intervals, and utilize preventive control.

While inspecting regularly, we monitor and evaluate the health conditions of the factory, and suggest modification methods to keep the factory’s health in the best condition.

Step 6Continuous review

‘Environmental Doctors’ make new proposals based on the diagnosis results and suggest more sophisticated hygiene management.

After we have been contracted by your company, we maintain the management in the best condition at any time, and implement the management cycle, called Cap-do cycle, which means Check, Action, Plan and Do, beginning with evaluating the effectiveness of measures executed in accordance with the original plan.

By maintaining this cycle, more sophisticated and more cost effective hygiene management can be realized every year.


  • Measuring by using spectrometer

  • Measuring by using spectrometer

  • Microbial sampling

  • Inspection of inside
    by using endoscope

  • Measuring by using anemometer

  • Visual inspection

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