Hygiene management at food factories

The responsibility of food factories is processing and distributing foods safely.
Safe food products don’t cause food poisoning and aren’t contaminated. To achieve this, it is necessary to integrate several kinds of control methods and ensure the safety and security of all products.


  • Support for establishing voluntary sanitation management system

    • Management system based on HACCP

    • Management system based on GMP

    Support for obtaining ISO series certification

    Support for conforming to the standards of your customers

    Microorganism tests of raw materials, intermediate products, and products

    Tests for setting an expiration date of products

    Microorganism tests of packaging

    Environmental inspection of manufacturing areas, for such issues as

    • Floating fungi, air borne dusts, temperature and humidity, differential-pressure, and intensity or spectrum of illuminations

    Microorganism tests of process lines and employees

    Identification of foreign matter

    Analysis of complaints

    Pest control

    • Monitoring of insects and rodents/extermination/preventive measures

  • Selling of several kinds of insect catching devices

    Hygiene management training tailored to specific employee responsibilities and duties

    Sanitation of product lines at daily or fixed intervals

    Daily and periodic sanitation of manufacturing environment

    Sanitation of air conditioners, air supplies, and exhaust systems

    Sanitation of drainage systems

    Rental uniforms

    Anti-mold coating


    Selling of detergents, disinfectants and equipment for sanitation

    Selling of sanitary goods

    • Uniforms/caps/mouth covers/gloves

    Improvements to building infrastructure which enhance the hygienic environment

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